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Ddrum Hybrid Shell Pack

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Ddrum Hybrid Shell Pack, a fully functional drum set that has been augmented with the industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers-shock mounted to the interior of the drum, with your cable plugging into the shells' integrated XLR connections. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement.
Internal Pro Series Triggers
With their superb tracking ability, drum  triggers set a new standard of trigger mechanics. Pro Series Triggers are internally mounted into the hybrid. They provide a wide dynamic range, easily replaceable transducers, rugged metal construction and increases sensitivity for accurate response.
Direct Mounted XLR Connections
In addition to the internally mounted ddrum Acoustic Pro triggers, the Hybrid features XLR connectors mounted directly into the drums' shells.
* basswood shells
* internal Pro series triggers
* triple flange hoops
* shell-mounted XLR inputs
Shell Sizes 
* 20'' x 20'' Kick
* 7'' x 10'' Tom
* 7'' x 12'' Tom 
*12'' x 14'' Tom 
* 12'' x 16'' Tom 
* 6'' x 13'' Snare
* Includes Tom arm and clamp for mounted toms *
** Cymbals and Stands Not Included **


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