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Epiphone limited edition Ripper bass . Used !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

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 Epiphone Limited Edition Custom Shop Ripper Bass


A rare Model that is no longer made 

A '70s Gibson classic!

The Limited Edition Ripper Bass brings back a Gibson favorite of the 1970'. This is an Epiphone reissue with a hard maple body and matching maple neck and fingerboard. The back of the neck has a satin finish for smooth feel while the fingerboard has a high gloss polyurethane finish that will protect it for years. A brass nut has been added to increase sustain. Another new addition is a split-coil, single-coil pickup combination with individual volumes, master tone, and 3-way switching for greater tonal range.  A great bass from the past with its unique styling and custom touches that enhance its performance

It was one of Gibson's best basses ever, now it's one of Epiphone ‘s best, and it can be yours.


Ripper Bass Features

·        Gibson Ripper design

·         Hard maple body

·         Hard maple neck

·         Gloss Maple fingerboard

·         Satin neck finish

·         Durable polyurethane finish on the fretboard

·         Brass nut for added sustain

·         Single-coil/split-coil pickup combination

·         2 volume controls

·         Master tone

·         Does NOT include a case or a Gig Bag




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