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Gretsch Energy Complete Drumset

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The Gretsch Energy drum set package comes complete with hardware and Sabian SBR Cymbals. The toms feature "quick" sizes, which provide punchy tones and allow for lower positioning to benefit younger drummers. Hardware is double braced and includes stylized Gretsch Energy pedal boards. All poplar shells have 30-degree bearing edges, and feature 5 lug configuration on 10'' and 12'' toms with Gretsch style lug that draw from the rich Grestch lineage.The Gretsch Energy Series is perfect for the first time buyer and packed with features that are found on semi-pro drum sets, including non drilled bass drum.
Kit Color: White w/ Chrome Hardware
Shell Sizes:
* 18'' x 22'' Kick
* 14'' x 16'' Tom
* 8'' x 12'' Tom
* 7'' x 10'' Tom 
* 5.5'' x 14'' Snare 


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